In January 2017 we introduced a church-wide Bible reading programme.


We’re now one month into the Bible reading plan. So, how are you doing?! Have you managed to keep up with reading two chapters a day. Have you fallen behind a little? A lot!?

If you have found yourself losing momentum with your Bible reading, here are some tips to help get you back on track.

Don’t panic

And don’t beat yourself up about it. Remember that we’re justified by faith in Christ, not by the frequency of our quiet times! You are not a terrible Christian because you skipped a day or two (or more).

Start again from today’s reading

Don’t try and catch up, especially if you’ve missed several days. It’s much better to pick up from today and just get going again.


Decide when you’re going to read. What time of day is best for you?

Decide where you’re going to read. Setting and posture can be important factors. For example, trying to read in bed late at night could prove to be challenging!

Also, decide who you’re going to read with (if anyone), which leads to…

Get help from others

Maybe you could ask someone to check in with you each day, or once a week, to see how you’re getting on. You could even meet for coffee to talk about what you’ve been reading. The advantage of doing a church-wide reading plan is that we get to share what has been helpful or challenging or confusing about the chapters we have been reading.

Get help following along

For The Love Of God - DA CarsonSome parts of the Bible are baffling and it can put us off reading if we don’t think we’re going to understand it. Use the D.A. Carson’s companion devotional, For The Love Of God. There is a free blog feed at The Gospel Coalition. This will explain some of those problem passages, and help understand what is going on. A good Study Bible or other devotional will do the same.


This is the most important thing to need to do. Ask God to help you keep going and to give you a hunger for His Word.



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    Andrew says

    Good advice!
    Our church’s plan is reading 13 chapters a day, and it’s stressing me out.

    • Richard Wardman
      Richard Wardman says

      Thanks for the comment Andrew. Sorry to hear you’re stressed about your reading plan. Thirteen chapters is hardcore!! Maybe a different plan is better for you?

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