They say that change is as good as a rest.


A couple of times a year we have to change where we meet (because someone else needs our normal meeting space).

Sure, a change of venue is inconvenient. We have to lug all our equipment to a different location. We all have to punch a different postcode into our SatNav or Google/Apple Maps. What’s more, we have to make do with a venue that is just different to what we’re used to. And who likes change?

But, it’s good for us. Why? Because twice a year we are reminded that a church is not made of bricks, it’s made of people. It’s not about where we meet, it’s about who we meet with. It’s not about familiarity, it’s about family.

Change of Venue


So, just for this week, we are meeting at Brooklands Pavillion (click for map).

We’re still gathering at the normal time of 10.30am. We will still sing the songs and hymns we love because they point us to Jesus. We will still open God’s Word together to hear his voice. And we will still be meeting with the same church family (because we don’t want to change everything!).

But, don’t worry, we’ll be back at MK SNAP the week after!

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