What do you think church is like?

Boring, old-fashioned, full of hypocrites? Or crazy, happy-clappy, bible-bashing? There’s no question that going to church has fallen out of favour with the vast majority of people in the UK, probably for many different reasons. But we think that there are lots of great reasons to go to church every week. Here are just six.

1. Meet new people and connect with others

Life in a busy city like Milton Keynes can be fun and exhilarating one minute, and lonely and debilitating the next. So many people but so few meaningful relationships means that we can quickly feel isolated and cut off. Church comes with a built-in family, a home from home. Your kids will meet others their own age, and you get to meet new people at a similar stage in life to you.

2. Learn what Christians really believe

You might have already made up your mind about Christianity without having ever read the bible or spent time investigating Jesus. At New City Church everything we do is centred around the bible and its message of good news, so if you come along you will quickly learn what Christians really believe (even if you don’t believe in it yourself!).

3. Let your kids learn about Jesus

There are lots of funny stories about people who think that Santa Clause was present at the birth of Jesus, for example. The reason grown-ups think that is because they weren’t taught the bible as children. If you bring your family to church then your children can enjoy learning about Jesus for themselves in Sunday School.

4. Sing great songs with real meaning

Church singing isn’t all organs and choirs! Many churches like ours sing modern-sounding songs played and sung by a band made up of guitars, keyboard and drums. Plus, we choose to sing songs that not only sound great but are also full of life-changing truths.

5. Keep Sunday as a special day for rest and reflection

Life can be so incredibly overwhelming at times, with work, school and family taking up so much of our emotional and mental energy. Taking just one day a week to stop everything and spend time thinking about bigger things can have a dramatic effect on how you approach the rest of the week.

6. Good coffee.

This needs no explanation.

We’d love to see you at one of our services. Click here to find out about what goes on at New City Church each Sunday.

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