A Fantastic Family Easter Funday

Easter Funday

Our fourth Easter Funday was our biggest yet! Over 100 children plus their families joined us for fun and games in MK SNAP over the course of last Sunday afternoon – it was packed! It’s hard to say what the children enjoyed most out of the bounty of activities. They

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Responding to Brexit

Regardless of how you voted or your views on the issues, the matter is now settled. Great Britain will leave the European Union. And now begins the process of seeking a way forward… In the first instance, the Conservative Party will be seeking a new leader who will become the

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Responding To Stephen Fry

You have probably seen it. It’s been all over the internet.   Stephen Fry drove the final nails into God’s coffin. Or so it seems. The QI presenter was interviewed on Irish TV channel RTE One and was asked the question: What if you’re wrong about God not existing? What

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