CAP Money Course

Why do I need to go on a CAP Money Course?

If you’re stressed out looking at your bank balance around Christmas time, then you could benefit from a CAP Money Course.

If you get to the end of every month worrying if you’ll have enough money to pay the bills and buy all the shopping, then you could benefit from a CAP Money Course.

Even if you usually have enough cash but just let it all take care of itself, then you could also benefit from a CAP Money Course.


What is the CAP Money Course?

The CAP Money Course is a free course that will teach you budgeting skills and a simple, cash-based system that works. In just a few weeks, you will get to grips with your finances so you can budget, save and prevent debt.

This video explains things pretty well.


How do I sign up?

It’s really simple. Just follow this link, fill out your details, and then turn up at 7.30pm on Thursday 3rd May at MK SNAP.  

Take charge of your finances, and sign-up to a CAP Money Course today.

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