It seems that not being true to yourself is the unforgivable sin of our modern age.

Whether it’s gender identity, sexual identity, or any other kind of self-given identity, the overwhelming narrative of today’s culture is that the identity I assign to myself is god – it should rule every part of me.

In this context, the Bible’s message about gender, marriage and sexuality is increasingly seen as hostile and dangerous. In a recent message from our Genesis series we looked at God’s good design for gender, marriage and sexuality from Genesis 2:18-25. God’s design for these things is good, precisely because God is good.

The question we face as Christians and churches today is how we can present God’s design as good news for the world.

Flourishing and Joyful

Rosaria Butterfield, Sam Allberry, and Jackie Hill Perry are three Christians who understand these issues more than most, with first-hand experience of same-sex attraction.

Listen to their conversation where they seek to answer the question: “In what sense is God’s sexual ethic not just true, but also beautiful and good for the world?”

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