Homegroups are an important part of our church life. With our current groups growing, we’re excited to be launching a new homegroup starting 26th April. We talk to the leaders of the new group to find out what are the benefits of being part of a homegroup, and how you can get involved…

Richard and Claire

Richard and Claire, the new homegroup leadersHow long have you been part of New City Church? 1 year.

What’s it been like for you being part of a homegroup? Brilliant! Not only was the group a great help to get to know people within the church, and find out more about how New City Church does things, but also there has been a lot of fun together, and a chance to join a lively discussion about what we are learning from the Bible on a Sunday. Finally, hearing others pray and spending time together in prayer has been a highlight, through thick and thin!

When and where will the group meet? It’s starting at our house in Pennyland on Wednesdays (except when there’s a midweek prayer meeting) from 7.45pm.

Who is the homegroup for? Everyone! If you need a lift to get to the homegroup, let us know and we’ll get a lift sorted out for you.

Why should people join a homegroup? It’s hard to get to know everyone at a level on a Sunday morning. So having a small group enable us to better walk alongside one another, build each other up and support each other in Christian life. And it’s also a great opportunity to eat amazing cake!

Why are you leading a new homegroup? We love to invest in fellowship within church and so when we became members we suggested we could help with home groups. This is an exciting opportunity to do that.

What are your hopes for the new group? We hope it will be a group that gives God glory as we go deeper into fellowship and help point each other to Him through life’s ups and downs. We hope we can all learn from one another in the group.

Benedict and Laura

Benedict and Laura - homegroup leaders

How long have you been part of New City Church? 18 months

What’s it been like for you being part of a homegroup? We’ve loved getting to know people at a far deeper level than we’re able to on a Sunday morning it’s helped make sermons a lot more “liveable”.

Why are you leading a new homegroup? We’re excited about the opportunity to see God build a missional community, focused on serving those inside and outside the group.

What are your hopes for the new homegroup? We’d love it to be a place where we can honestly grapple with understanding the Bible and living it out, where we can walk alongside each other through the joys and struggles of our lives, and where we can look for opportunities to bless others.

Why join a homegroup? What is there not to like about food, fun and fellowship?!

To join the Pennyland homegroup, sign up here, or visit our homegroups page for more information about groups across Milton Keynes.

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