Many people have been deeply affected by the images and stories that we have seen over recent weeks of those who are fleeing their homes and countries to find safety elsewhere. It is truly heartbreaking.

But many of us have also wondered what we can do. It’s all happening so far away and we feel so powerless, but we want to do something.

Here is an incredibly helpful video by Krish Kandiah, Director of a Christian charity called Home for Good. Krish suggests five things that we can do in response to the crisis. The links that he refers to are also listed below.

  1. Pray – www.24-7prayer.com/blog/2505
  2. Connect – www.citizensuk.org/save_lives_by_helping_resettle_refugees
  3. Foster – www.homeforgood.org.uk/refugees
  4. Welcome
  5. Give – www.opendoorsuk.org/campaign/stepofyes/syria_150904.php?src=WB1528&step1=appeal

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