The life of Abraham - Sarai and Hagar, Genesis 16 Sermon

Have you ever made a huge mess of life? A life-changing mess that can’t be undone? Meet Sarai, a woman who ran straight into a horrible mess of her own creation. She hadn’t yet got what God had promised, so she tried to fix it in her own way and caused complete chaos in her family the process.

But God didn’t give up on Sarai. The mess wasn’t the end of her story.

And what about when you face hardships and trouble that others have brought on you; do you run away from them like Hagar?

We read of how God met Hagar in the midst of her troubles in Genesis 16. God does not abandon us in even the most difficult situations. Hear the stories of Sarai and Hagar, two women who ran into serious troubles, and discover how God is bigger than the messes we create or find ourselves in. Listen to a story of sin and chaos met by the grace, mercy, and redemption of God in this week’s Bible talk.

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