This week for Women’s Bible Study we will be looking at Ruth chapter 4:13-22. If you are able to read or listen to the fourth chapter of Ruth first, please do! It will help you get the most of the study.

We have reached our last week in Ruth.  What a great book it has been to study! There is so much in here, more than we were even able to touch on in the study.  I hope that you have been challenged and encouraged through studying the book of Ruth.  

This week we spoke of leaving a legacy.  The people in this story, Naomi, Ruth and Boaz were all normal people who lived in faith and hope of their God and this spoke volumes of who they were, who their God was and affected history. What a legacy! 

Kelly Minter puts it: “Faithful obedience and love to God during our earthly years can affect things long after we are gone.” 

I would love for you to spend some time looking through this book and thinking about what has changed, encouraged, challenged by this book of the Bible.  Take time to journal about this! It helps instill things in our hearts and minds! 



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