The plane shook like a washing machine on a spin cycle. Then one engine cut out. Panic erupted among the passengers.

Then an announcement from the pilot: “I hope you all say a prayer, I will be saying a prayer, too, and let’s hope we all get back home safely.”

His charge was the Airbus 330 from Perth, Australia to Malaysia on June 26th, 2017.

It’s not unusual for people of all beliefs and none to send up a prayer in the face of death in the hope that, if there is a god-being, he/it might choose to save them.

But as Christians, we understand prayer to be not just a lifeline in moments of fear and panic, but as the way we talk with God, our Father and Saviour. We can talk with God through prayer just as we’d talk with a friend. And He talks to us through His word, the Bible.

Prayer is integral to being a Christian (Acts 2:42) because it is us coming before God. We should be making time each day to talk with God, but we should also make time as a church to pray together. That’s why we have regular prayer meetings.

But this coming week, September 10th-17th, 2017, we’re dedicating every evening to praying together as a congregation.

Why pray together for a week?

Because we know we need to put God at the centre of everything and we need God’s help in all we do.

It’s the start of a new school year and a term that will be full of outreach events. We don’t want to launch into these in our own strength. We want these to be Christ-centred. But they won’t be Christ-centred if we do everything by ourselves without having spent time focusing on God and asking for His guidance and help.

It’s vitally important that we spend time together as a church praying. Yes, we can pray for these things as individuals, alone. But when we join together, we learn from each other, encourage each other, and we help each other set our focus on God.

What are we praying for?

Each day of our prayer week, we have five areas to particularly focus our prayers. We will pray:

  • That the Lord would reform us in particular ways
  • For each member of our church family by name
  • For some of our ministry teams
  • For our brothers and sisters in some of the most persecuted countries around the world
  • For our mission partners and other organisations we support

We’d love you join us for the Week of Prayer, even if it’s just for one evening. On the evenings you can’t join, why not spend some time each day praying for the same things we’re praying for?

Our first meeting is at MK SNAP from 6.30pm.

You can pick up a booklet at New City Church MK that gives you exactly what and who we are praying for each day and the location of the prayer gathering each evening.

Prayer changes things and it’s always so encouraging when we meet to pray together. We want to see God glorified in this new academic year, so let’s root all we do in prayer.

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